Checklist for financial year-end deadlines

Effortlessly Navigate Financial Year-End Deadlines: Your Essential Guide for March 31, 2024


As we approach the end of the financial year, understanding and acting upon financial year-end deadlines becomes imperative for individuals and investors alike. With March 31, 2024, marking a significant cutoff for a variety of financial activities including tax planning, investments, and regulatory compliance, preparing for these deadlines is essential. This guide aims to provide actionable insights and detailed steps to ensure a smooth transition into the financial year 2024-25, helping you maintain financial health and capitalize on opportunities for growth and savings.

Financial Year-End Deadlines: Tax Planning and Compliance Before March 31, 2024

Maximizing Tax Deductions

The countdown to March 31, 2024, emphasizes the urgency of tax planning. This deadline is pivotal for individuals looking to maximize their tax deductions through investments in tax-saving instruments such as the Public Provident Fund (PPF), Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS), and National Savings Certificate (NSC), among others. Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure that all charitable contributions, home loan interest, and education loan interest that qualify for deductions are well documented and claimed.

Strategic Importance: Effective tax planning before this deadline can significantly reduce taxable income, thereby lowering tax liabilities. It’s a golden opportunity to review and utilize the full scope of available deductions and exemptions.

Timely Tax Filings

Filing income tax returns by the designated deadline is equally crucial. This process reconciles the past year’s income, tax payments, and deductions, ensuring compliance with tax laws and regulations.

Strategic Importance: Timely tax filing prevents penalties for late submission and paves the way for a hassle-free assessment by tax authorities. It’s also a prerequisite for various financial activities, including loan applications and visa processes.

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"Checklist for financial year-end deadlines

Financial Year-End Deadlines: Updating Compliance: FASTag KYC and More

FASTag KYC Update

The mandate to update FASTag KYC by March 31, 2024, stands out as a significant compliance requirement. This electronic toll collection system streamlines toll payments but requires up-to-date KYC information to function without hitches.

Strategic Importance: Keeping FASTag KYC information current is essential for uninterrupted service. Failure to comply by the deadline can lead to deactivation of the FASTag, leading to potential delays and fines at toll booths.

Financial Year-End Deadlines: Investment Deadlines: Ensuring Continuity and Growth

Government-Backed Savings Schemes

Investments in government-backed savings schemes like PPF and Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY) not only offer attractive returns and tax benefits but also require adherence to minimum investment requirements. Ensuring these investments are made before the end of the financial year is critical to keeping these accounts active and in good standing.

Strategic Importance: Active participation in these schemes is not just about avoiding penalties; it’s a long-term investment in one’s financial future, offering both security and growth.

Upcoming Changes from April 1, 2024

The new financial year brings with it several regulatory changes and updates across various financial instruments and tax laws. Being prepared for these changes is vital for seamless financial planning and management.

National Pension System (NPS) Enhancements

A noteworthy change is the implementation of two-factor authentication for NPS accounts, aimed at enhancing account security. This additional layer of security requires both Aadhaar verification and an OTP, bolstering the protection of subscribers’ funds.

Adapting to Change: NPS subscribers should familiarise themselves with the new login procedure and ensure their mobile numbers are updated to receive OTPs.

Streamlined EPFO Procedures

The EPFO’s move to automate PF balance transfers when subscribers change jobs is a welcome change that promises to simplify the process for millions of account holders.

Adapting to Change: Ensuring your EPFO account’s UAN is linked with your KYC details is more crucial than ever, facilitating a smoother transition between employers.

Transition to the New Tax Regime

With the new tax regime set to become the default on April 1, understanding its implications is key. This regime simplifies the tax structure, but at the cost of forgoing various deductions available under the old regime.

Adapting to Change: A thorough comparison of the old and new regimes, considering your income, deductions, and exemptions, will guide you to the most beneficial choice.


The end of the financial year is a period of both reflection and action. It’s a time to ensure that all financial responsibilities are met and to prepare for the year ahead. By understanding and acting on the tasks and changes outlined in this guide, individuals can not only ensure compliance and optimise their financial situation but also position themselves for growth in the coming year. As we transition into the financial year 2024–25, proactive financial management remains the cornerstone of financial well-being.

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Disclaimer: This guide, provided by Techmin Consulting, is for informational purposes only. For personalised financial advice, please consult a professional advisor.

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