Top 10 Indian Apps for Online Wallets 2023

Top 10 Indian Apps for Online Wallets With the help of 2023 internet payment apps, people may send and receive money without ever touching physical currency again. These digital apps make it possible to make ultra-fast payments using the UPI (unified payment interface) by sending or receiving money or by scanning a rapid response (QR) code. We’ve made a list of the top 10 payment apps in India in 2023 based on things like security, ease of use, user reviews, and more.

BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money)

Bhim, like Google Pay, PhonePe, etc., is a United Payments Interface (UPI) software developed and operated by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). It’s worth noting that the same organization that introduced the UPI technology is in charge of BHIM. Despite having the NPCI’s support, BHIM is not yet the dominant player in the UPI industry. Yet, it serves its purpose adequately, and it is tailored to the requirements of India’s diverse population. If you live in India, this app is essential.


When it comes to the Indian financial technology sector, Paytm is among the most prominent online payment platforms. From cellphone recharge to municipal tax, power bills to school fees, and much more, Paytm has the most possibilities of any payment service. Paytm became a staple in Indian life following demonetization, notably in the fast food industry. In contrast, since UPI, the payments industry has been quite competitive, with new entrants like PhonePe, Google Pay, etc. Paytm facilitates monetary transactions between businesses and consumers.

Amazon Pay

Thirdly, Amazon Pay is a payment service that lets customers use their Amazon account’s billing and shipping details to make purchases outside of the Amazon website or mobile app. This service eliminates the need for customers to repeatedly enter their payment information when shopping online. Payments made with Amazon Pay can be made on any website that accepts the service.


The fourth entry is BharatPE, a financial technology firm that has shaken up the business-to-business (B2B) UPI payments industry. For establishments like corner stores, pharmacies, and juice bars, Bharatpe provides “offline” payment options. UPI QR codes and POS terminals are two of its many features (including the card swipe machine). Payments processed using Bharatpe’s products incur no service fee, so merchants keep 100% of their earnings. Companies are sometimes hesitant to accept credit card payments owing to the fees associated with them; therefore, this encourages them to accept cashless payments.


One of the newest and most innovative financial products in India’s burgeoning fintech sector is a product called “cred.” You may use Cred to pay the bills for many credit cards at once. In addition to facilitating the payment of credit card bills, Cred also educates customers on the often-overlooked fees and interest rates that are often attached to such transactions. Because of this, the cardholder may learn more about the fees associated with their card. Moreover, with every payment made on a Cred credit card statement, cardholders are eligible for cash incentives.
Cred identifies itself as a club. That’s why they’re not exactly welcoming to outsiders; they’re a fraternity. One’s credit score has to be at least 750 before signing up for this service.

Samsung Pay

After you’ve added your debit or credit card to Samsung Pay, you may use it to pay for purchases online or in stores without ever having to physically carry your cards around. Those that move around a deck of cards will find this program really useful.

Airtel Thanks

This is an intriguing and mostly unknown offering from India’s burgeoning fintech industry. It’s a feature, not a program, for that matter. You can also refer to *99# as Bhim USSD. This implies that users can make UPI payments through a phone call even if they don’t have access to the internet. It was with feature phone users in mind that this UPI capability was initially developed. Smartphone users in areas with spotty service may also benefit.
You can check your bill, make a recharge, and send money all from the same app by using the airtel thanks app from the telecommunications company Airtel. The Airtel wallet, which can be used for online purchases and mobile top-ups, is a convenient feature that the app integrates with its other functions. Customers may now get 6% interest on their savings if they register a digital account with Airtel Payments Bank. Moreover, the app provides integration with UPI services to facilitate speedy and simple financial transactions.

Google Pay

As it has more users than any other payment app in India, Google Pay is a top pick. Because of the extensive features and intuitive design of the software, it ranks among the best available options.
You may use the app to make purchases straight from your main bank account, eliminating the need for a physical wallet. You may quickly send money to anybody, including service providers, retailers, or third parties; this includes paying utility bills, recharging a mobile phone, and sending money.

Also, Google Pay gives you cash back and discounts on practically all purchases.


Phonepe is a convenient way to transfer and receive money, pay bills, and top up mobile phones. Yet, this is not all; you may also put your money into gold and mutual funds. Phonepe was developed to serve as a central hub for a wide variety of services. As a result, you don’t have to install any extra programs to use your preferred apps for things like travel booking, meal delivery, and grocery shopping.


Freecharge online banking app provided by axis bank DTH bill payments, metro card recharge, and digital gold investments are all possible with this service. Mutual fund investments and the use of FreeCharge credit cards, which offer points and coupons, are two other avenues worth exploring.

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