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Understanding and Utilizing the New e-Verification Tool for Tax Return Accuracy

The Tax Department has started using a new online check to fix errors in tax returns, known as e-verification. On February 26, it was shared that the tax website has added a new feature to help taxpayers correct mistakes between what they and others report about their income from interest and dividends. This update helps because some people forget to file their tax returns.

Now, there is a special section on the tax website where you can see if there are any mistakes in your tax information for the years 2021–22 and 2022–23. If the Tax Department finds something wrong, they will send you a text or an email. This message is just to inform you, not to scare you.

To use this feature, you need to log in to the tax website. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so by clicking “Register.” Once you’re in, you can go to the “e-Verification” section to see if there are any mistakes with your taxes. The website is made to be easy to use, so you can fix any problems without needing extra paper.

If there is a mistake with how much interest you said you earned, and you listed this under the ‘Others’ section on your tax return, you don’t need to worry. The system will fix this automatically and mark it as resolved. But, if you can’t explain other kinds of mistakes, you might need to submit a new, corrected tax return.

This feature primarily serves to explain and correct any discrepancies between what you have reported and what other parties, such as banks or businesses, have reported about your income. It’s important because these differences can affect how much tax you owe.

If you find any mistakes or discrepancies in your tax details, you should take action to correct them. The tax website’s new e-verification tool is designed to make this process straightforward. You can see exactly what the issues are and where they are coming from. This helps you understand if you’ve accidentally reported something incorrectly or if someone else, like your bank, has made a mistake.

Remember, if you had to fix something in your tax return, it’s not always a big problem. Sometimes, people make mistakes when they’re in a hurry or confused. The e-Verification tool is there to help you spot these mistakes and fix them before they become bigger issues.

In conclusion, the new e-verification feature on the tax website is a helpful tool for taxpayers. It allows you to check for any mistakes in your tax returns and fix them easily. This can help you avoid problems later and make sure you pay the right amount of tax. If you haven’t checked your tax details for the years 2021–22 and 2022–23, now is a good time to do so. And if you’re not registered on the tax website yet, signing up is a good first step.

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