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Director Identification Number

If you want to run a business in India, you’ll need a DIN number, which stands for “Directors Identification Number.” This number is issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

A Director’s Identification Number (DIN) is an 8-digit code that identifies them as a legitimate corporate director. If you’re going to be serving as a director for more than one company, you won’t need to get several DINs; each directorship will be considered to be separate from the others.

  • The Director Identification Number (DIN) issued to an individual is valid for the rest of that individual’s life without further action or renewal on the part of the Director’s employer.
  • But, if the Director or the firm breaks any laws or, its regulations or notices, the MCA may deactivate or disqualify the Director.

The Significance of a Director’s ID Number

  • In order to function as a director of a business in India, you would need to get a Director Identification Number (DIN).
  • While searching for a director, you may access their whole file using DIN.
  • Any documents filed with the MCA/ROC on behalf of the company must have the Director’s signature and DIN number, including annual reports, ROC filings, applications, and Know Your Customer details.
  • If a Director fails to meet these requirements, the ROC may impose fines and penalties on the company, and the Director may lose their DIN status as a consequence.
  • In addition to verifying the Director’s identification, the DIN provides context for the Director’s involvement with other firms, both in the past and the present.
  • The director just has to apply for a DIN number once, and then he may use it forever, no matter what firm he works for. The Director Identification Number remains the same even if the firm changes.

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