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K-SWIFT Registration

Kerala Single Window Interface for Fast & Transparent Clearance (K-SWIFT) is a one-stop service for New and Existing investors those are planning to invest in Kerala state.

K-SWIFT aims to facilitate Entrepreneurs by providing unmatched facilitation support and time- bound clearances. K-SWIFT has been implemented with the following provisions

  • Filling of application form online
  • Uploading all supporting documents
  • Making payment online
  • Online tracking of application and
  • Obtaining final signed approval/registration certificate.

Any physical touch-points between the applicant and Departments/Agencies from the time of application process till the final decision has been eliminated by mandating online delivery of public centric services. All enterprises are encouraged to apply on K-SWIFT to facilitate interdepartmental coordination and tracking of applications.

If you require this service, you are requested to contact our compliance manager 08943620159 or by email at

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