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Import Export Code

Import Export Code / IEC Registration is required for all enterprises involved in the import and export of goods.

An explanation of the Import Export Code.
A ten-digit number, known as an Import Export Code (IEC Code for short), is issued by the Directorate General of International Trade under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to every legitimate individual or business engaged in international trade. Without this code, importers are unable to continue, and exporters are unable to get benefits from the DGFT, customs, or the Export Promotion Council.

At what point will IE coding be mandatory?
The IE Code would be necessary in the following situations:

  • Customs officials require it whenever an importer needs to get a package cleared via customs.
  • When an importer uses a bank to send money overseas, the receiving bank needs the funds.
  • A customs port requires this information whenever an exporter sends his cargo.
  • Foreign currency deposits into an exporter’s bank account trigger the need for IEC filing.

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