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GEM Registration

On August 9, 2016, under the Allocation of Business Regulations, 1961, the Commerce and Industry Ministry created the Government e-marketplace (GEM Registration). Under the Make in India initiative, the Government of India (GOI) has mandated that all government agencies purchase goods and services only from the Make in India online marketplace. The Indian government launched an online marketplace to more easily purchase retail outlets. In the Government E-marketplace (GEM) platform, a vendor may sell his wares to various government agencies and agencies can make purchases from vendors. Purchasing equities through the GEM Portal is required of all government agencies. Anybody with a GEM Registration can buy and sell on the GEM Portal. There are two distinct GEM Registrations: one for buyers and one for sellers. The idea of GEM is to ensure efficient supply chain management through increased openness and speed.

The e-market operates with little to no human intervention and is completely cashless, paperless, and technology- and system-driven. Among its many aspects are:

  • That makes things more clear
  • Improves productivity
  • That part of the internet is safe and secure.
  • It might help the government of India save money by encouraging the Make in India initiative.

Government E-Marketplace (GEM)
Established in India, the Government E-Marketplace (GEM) is an official online marketplace run by the central government. It’s a marketplace where businesses can list their wares and government agencies can find customers, streamlining the process of buying what they need (PSUs).

The GEM Infrastructure
The GEM Portal offers the following features:

  • Cataloguing the items that make up the various classes of regularly consumed items
  • Most consumer goods are purchased through the market.
  • Access to dynamic price for looking, estimating, comparing, and purchasing
  • To fulfil a need by acquiring or selling products or services over the internet
  • A centralized location for boosting or combining orders and requests
  • Transparency
  • Good for bulk purchases and low-priced purchases alike thanks to the reverse auction and e-bidding features.
  • supplier evaluation interface a streamlined hub for keeping tabs on all dealings with suppliers, payments, and purchases or sales
  • Policy on Returns

Conditional Requirements for GEM Membership
The following are necessary conditions for GEM Registration:

  • Department/Organization Name
  • Organizational Type Authorized Contact’s Email Address Authorized Contact’s Cell Phone Number
  • Authorized Individual’s Aadhaar and Permanent Account Number
  • Three Year History of Income Tax Return Filing with GST Number

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