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Limited Liability Partnership

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For those who are curious, a Limited Liability Partnership is a business structure.

The Whole LLP Definition and Glossary When a business forms an LLP, it limits its liability to the amount of money it makes. Some of the characteristics of an LLP are like those of a typical partnership, while others are more in line with those of a corporation.

For example, LLP Registration has grown in popularity since it is quite straightforward to set up and keep running. The owners’ liability is also reduced as a result. The Limited Liability Partnership has one major benefit over the standard Partnership Firm.

As with a Private Limited Company, an LLP can enjoy the protections of limited liability and the adaptability of a partnership. Individual partners are protected from the joint liability produced by another partner’s misbehaviour, as no partner is accountable for the unlawful activities of other partners. Professionals, micro- and small-sized firms that are privately held often opt for the LLP structure.

Required LLP Compliance

  • GST Registration
  • GST Return
  • Accounting
  • Registration with the ROC Annual Filing
  • IT Act Auditing
  • IT Returns
  • imited Liability Partnerships Audit
  • Patent and Trademark Registration
  • CEB Form 3 for Limited Liability Partnerships

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