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GST Returns

In India, submitting a GST return is an entirely digital experience. The procedure of filing GST returns is simple and quick. Yet, in order for GST credit to be carried forward, it is essential that returns be completed accurately and without error. The only thing you need to get started is a username and password for the GST website. Once you’ve registered for GST, you must submit a Tax return. There are severe consequences for failing to file the same.

Under GST, all taxpayers are obligated to provide certain information. The primary filings are the monthly summary return (GSTR-3B) and the details of outward supplies (GSTR 1). Every month, by the 20th, you must submit your GSTR 3B. Nevertheless, the government has recently launched the QRMP Scheme, which allows businesses with annual revenues up to 5 crores to pay GST on a monthly basis and submit GSTR 3B forms every three months.

Last but not least, on or before December 31 each year, all businesses that are registered to pay GST must submit a GSTR 9 annual return.

If you have chosen the composition plan, you must submit GSTR 4. Regardless of whether or not a registered entity conducted any business during a given period, it must nevertheless file a GST return for that time.

In addition, each year you must submit your GST Annual Audit form, often known as GSTR 9C. It’s a statement of tally that must be signed off on by a practicing Chartered Accountant, as it’s a reconciliation.

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