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Public Limited Company Registration

Do you want to sell and trade your shares in the open market? You should use a public limited company. Prices beginning at only INR 36099.

All the information you need to register a public limited company

In India, a public limited company is a voluntary group of members with a distinct legal existence and limited liabilities. A Public Limited Company may be either an unlisted or a Stock Exchange-listed Company. Public limited companies have numerous possibilities for raising capital from institutional investors, the general public, and bank loans.

Public limited companies have several advantages over private limited companies, and the fact that they can have any number of members, make share ownership transfers simple, and offer greater transparency appeals to international investors. Start your firm by incorporating a public limited company if you intend to raise money from the general public through an initial public offering (IPO).

A public limited company is typically created to raise money from outside sources, i.e., the general public, in order to launch a business, expand an existing firm, advance technology, expand internationally, etc.

However, a PLC is more appropriate for large enterprises with a broad viewpoint and greater growth potential than for the small company next door.

A public limited company differs from a private limited company in the following ways:

  • A public limited company that offers shares can simply transfer those shares to anyone; all that is needed is to file and sign a share transfer form.
  • The highest corporate structure to begin with is a Public Ltd. Co.
  • Shareholders of public limited companies are entitled to a portion of the business’s assets and income.
  • Members of a Public Limited Company may be in any number.
  • Shares in a public limited company can be transferred simply.

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What justifies creating a public limited company?

Factors to help you make a decision

The benefit of Separate Legal Identity

This clearly specifies that the assets and liabilities of the company are distinct from those of the directors, is enjoyed by Separate Legal Entity Public Limited Company.

Increases credibility

A public database is made available to the public and contains all the company-related information. This feature makes it simple to verify the company's existence, which eventually contributes to increased business credibility.

Simple Transfer

In a stock exchange market, shares of the public limited business are bought and sold. They can be freely transferred between members and stock exchange traders.

Continuous succession

Even in the event of a member's demise, insolvency, or bankruptcy, the company maintains its existence in the eyes of the law as long as the succession is legal.

Obtaining Finance

Since banks and other financial organisations are more ready to provide financing to this sort of company, a public limited company can readily acquire funds from them

Areas for growth

Public Limited Companies have limitless potential for corporate growth and expansion, and they are also able to raise more capital by issuing new shares.

Documents Needed for Public Limited Company Registration

Quick Check List

  • Photograph of all the Directors
  • PAN Card of all the Directors
  • ID Proof of all the Directors (Driving License/Passport/Voter ID)
  • Electricity Bill or any other utility bill for the address proof of the Registered Office

Particular Requirements

  • A registered office for a private limited company must be located in India. Recent documents like bank statements and utility bills are preferred.
  • Along with the NOC (Non-Objection Certificate) from the landlord confirming his or her approval to use the office as a registered office of a corporation, a utility bill, rent agreement, or sale deed must also be supplied.

Orders for Forming a Private Limited Company

Five-step process for registering a private limited company

  • 1. Acquire DSC

  • 2. Save your business name

  • 3. Submitting MOA and AOA

  • 4. Obtain the company's certificate of incorporation

  • 5. Get the company's PAN and TAN.

Complete a short checklist

A compliance manager will contact you to collect your paperwork and provide a brief checklist. You must complete that checklist and submit it with your supporting documentation for validation. The process will continue after the documents you submitted have been verified by our team of specialists. Throughout the procedure, the compliance manager assigned to you will keep you informed of the status of the Company Registration.

Name Acceptance

After receiving your paperwork and the completed checklist, we'll start the process of applying your digital signature before approving the name of your private limited company. Up to two names of your choosing may be suggested. Names ought to be distinctive and evocative of the company's line of work. We shall continue with Part A of the SPICe Plus form to submit your name request for your Private Limited Company.


The MOA (Memorandum of Association) and AOA will be written by us (Articles of association). Along with the subscription statement, we will submit the incorporation papers to MCA in part B of a form called "SPICe Plus (SPICe +)". When forms are submitted, MCA typically approves them in 4-5 days and issues an incorporation certificate with a CIN. PAN & TAN are assigned side by side. After that, you can open a company bank account.

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