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ESI Returns

Providing medical and disability benefits, Employee State Insurance is a self-financing social security system for Indian workers. The Workers’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), which falls under the purview of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, is responsible for administering the programme as stipulated by the ESI Act, 1948. The Act specifies that the fund’s administration must be handled by ESIC.

All businesses with 10 or more employees are required to contribute 3.25 percent to the Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), while employees are responsible for contributing 0.75 percent of their pay. The ESIC is advantageous to all employees earning Rs.21,000 or less per month in salary.

Due date for filing ESI Return:
Monthly ESI return payments are required from the employer, with the following dates firmly entrenched.

  • The 15th of the next month is when ESI returns are due.

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