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FSSAI Registration / License

The following describes the three categories of FSSAI registration that are available, each of which is contingent on the specifics of the business’s nature and size.

  • Startups and food enterprises with an annual revenue of less than Rs.12 lakh are encouraged to register for FSSAI Basic Registration. The authorised officer notified by the Commissioner of Food Safety in Kerala is where small FBOs in Kerala may receive their FSSAI Basic Registration.
  • Businesses in the food industry with an annual revenue of between 12 and 20 crore rupees are required by law to get an FSSAI State License. The FSSAI State License is available to FBOs of all sizes, including self-storage facilities, warehouses, grocery stores, shipping companies, wholesalers, retailers, marketers, and distributors. The Kerala FSSAI State License is available from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) Office of the Commissioner of Food Safety in Kerala.
  • To operate legally in India, food enterprises with a yearly revenue of more than 20 crore are required to get an FSSAI Central License. The Central FSSAI License can be obtained from the Central FSSAI authority by large FBOs such as manufacturers, importers, operators in central government, airports, railways, seaports, etc.

If you require this service, you are requested to contact our compliance manager 08943620159 or by email at

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