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NGO Darpan Registration

In January 2015, the Government of India established NITI (National Institute for Transforming India) Aayog to work towards, and advocate for, sustainable development. It is based on the idea that citizens should take part in government programmes. In order to implement this notion, NITI Aayog’s NGO Darpan has been working to improve relations between NGOs and government agencies.

The NITI Aayog runs the website NGO Darpan. Any non-governmental organisations and other similar groups who wish to apply for funding from the government through any of the many available grant programmes must first register with this site. Learn more about the requirements, advantages, and costs of registering your NGO with Darpan here.

Registered as a trust, society, or private limited nonprofit company in accordance with section-25 of the Indian Companies Act, 1956 is qualified to apply for Niti Aayog registration. No individual may apply to join NGO Darpan or NITI Aayog.


  • It opens the door for NGOs to get several government funds.
  • Because of this, the public and the government will have more faith in the NGO, and the NGO will be more likely to get donations.
  • There is a central location where NGOs may go to find the most up-to-date and relevant information about Government programmes.
  • If they plan to apply for federal funds, they must do so.
  • It is necessary to include Darpan ID details for submitting FCRA Registration and Form -10A under the Income Tax Act.

If you require this service, you are requested to contact our compliance manager 08943620159 or by email at

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