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EPF Registration

Whether they work in the public, private, or nonprofit sectors, practically everyone in India contributes to a Provident Fund (PF) as a way to save money for the future. The EPFO of India is in charge of putting it into action.

As an employer, you must sign up for the EPF system if your company has 20 or more employees. Companies with less than 20 employees are still eligible to enroll for the programme.

When it comes to healthcare, retirement, education for dependents, insurance coverage, and a roof over their heads, the employees of a company may rely heavily on the government-mandated employee benefit system known as the Provident Fund (PF). It was established to safeguard employees’ financial futures.

EPF Contribution

  • Each party, the employer and the employee, must make contributions to the EPF.
  • Employees’ salaries are reduced by the employer-mandated EPF contribution.
  • To supplement employees’ deductions, employers must also make contributions to the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF).
  • Both the employer and employee both contribute 12% to the EPF.

What are the benefits of making an EPF contribution?

  • A company’s PF contribution will be made without having to pay taxes.
  • After a certain time period, you’ll be able to withdraw the principal plus interest without incurring any tax penalties.
  • Employers can freely register themselves as PF participants.
  • Please be aware that there may be a fine for late EPF (Employee Provident Fund) registration.

Characteristics of an Effective EPF Registration

  • Contribution
  • Tax-free earnings
  • Financial security
  • Quick registration
  • Long Term Benefits
  • Universal Account number

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