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A business plan is a formal document outlining the strategies and tactics that will be used to launch, grow, and sustain an organisation. Preparing a business plan include defining the nature of the enterprise, its goods or services, the means by which it will generate revenue, the management team, the sources of funding, the strategy for running the organisation, and other elements critical to its launch and ongoing viability. In order to gain backing from banks or investors, you’ll need a business plan, but it’s a good idea to have one even before you start raising money.

The process of developing a business plan may also assist an entrepreneur discover flaws in the concept, misunderstandings in the market, or other details that could lead to a change in the way the firm is positioned or constructed. It details the history of the company’s founders, the company’s business strategy, an examination of the sector in which the company operates, and a forecast of the company’s financial performance over a certain time period. Whether you’re pitching to VCs, banks, investors, or PE funds, you’ll need a business plan.

Your thorough Business Plan will be prepared by the finance specialists at Techmin Consulting in accordance with all applicable RBI/Banking standards and appropriate Industry Standards. In this way, you can rest assured that your company will receive the necessary financing when it is needed.

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